The Phantom: Covert Ops 'issue of first break through $1 million sales

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Recently, game development nDreams announced that the Oculus monopoly game 'Phantom: Covert Ops' a few weeks before the online first, now sales of $1 million. NDreams CEO O 'Luanaigh said: 'I'm glad to see the Phantom: Covert Ops' in a short span of a few weeks after the total more than $1 million. This is definitely a worth celebrating milestones, this shows that the studio all staff's efforts were not in vain, that this game has received the affirmation of the player and through the validation of the market. ', 'the Phantom: Covert Ops' currently logged-in Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift platform, although O 'Luanaigh game not specified the two platforms accounted for the proportion of the total, but we can Quest platform game released from Facebook income list out some clue, apparently the Phantom: Covert Ops 'Quest version of income account for the lion's share of revenues. For the Quest, O 'Luanaigh said: 'the Oculus Quest is a very good VR head show, our development team is based on the first explicitly create more immersed sex game experience, I am the Phantom: Covert Ops' Quest version of the content and development progress is very satisfied. 'Players in the Phantom: Covert Ops' game will play a commando, its mission is to permeate into one by the former Soviet union during the cold war under the jurisdiction of the general Hayter naval base. The game most of the content of the play revolves around the water, so players must learn to control the canoe. In the game, canoeing on equipped with a series of very useful items to players, players need to know how to use these items to deal with emergency. In combat, players can use a silencer sniper rifles and pistols stealth to destroy the enemy, and can use't a MP5 submachine gun and C4 bombs to meet them head-on. NDreams CEO Patrick O 'Luanaigh said: 'the Phantom' in the Quest store sales is particularly gratifying, although the game transplantation into the all-in-one of limited hardware configuration has experienced a very difficult process. Next, nDreams will continue to provide support for 'Phantom', and to plan as a IP to build. Within this year, the nDreams will publish more new projects, and related information.
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