The new Oculus Quest VR glasses suspected exposure on Twitter

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
Recently, the new type of Oculus Quest virtual reality VR glasses pictures leaked the social platform, according to leaked related pictures shown in VR glasses and have been sold in the Oculus Quest is very similar, but new glasses used black and white color, the design is more thin, some controversial function also adjusted. WalkingCat had repeatedly broke the AR/VR products, including HP Reverb G2, 2, samsung, Microsoft HoloLens, Odyssey, etc. , the accuracy is higher. First of all, we come from WalkingCat post and reply in understanding the information are as follows: 1, the Quest new version include white body, or that contains both black and white and double color; 2, named or the Quest for 2; 3, the fuselage interface layout changes, cloth art packages or cancel, the left side of the Type C and headset mouth side by side; 4, no IPD adjustment, suspected to the LCD material single screen, the refresh rate is 90 hz or; 5, instead of wearing a flexible cloth art + hard head hoop, the fuselage or lighter; 6, handle or changes. See these messages and, of course, is a lot of people think that this may be the Quest Lite is more suitable for, after all, the upgrade is not too much, instead more like Jane version, maybe the price will be lower. In addition, there are a lot of news is noteworthy, eye-tracking support, whether to upgrade the processor, price, etc. Have net friend say, the product design 'style is very like apple', apple VR in planning, also, of course, once the launch of the two is just the situation in a positive, will also usher in a new round of VR. According to the Oculus official blog leaked news, codenamed 'Del Mar' new Quest, or improve the handle experience ( Code Oculus Jedi Controller) 。 Currently Qculus company still did not respond to the news of the leaked, but according to the nikkei Asian review last week, the Oculus company plans to start mass production at the end of July new VR glasses, product launch Qculus should therefore also is coming.
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