The Netherlands around VR new tracking technology solutions

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
Around VR is a technology enterprise in the Netherlands, in order to let more immersive VR experience, the company introduced the solution to cope with the challenges around the Polygon, it is understood that the solution will be provided to this summer looking for general tracking solutions company. Since VR was redefined as a kind of feasible consumer products, since people have been seeking to make the technology as much as possible with immersive and interactive, so was born the motion controller, and relevant technology such as eye tracking, hand tracking, but because of the complexity of the whole body tracking technology, the user in the process of experience is often full of challenges. With other systemic tracking technology solutions ( For example, suitable for Island 359 CloudGate Studios version) , around Polygon body tracking technology solutions in the user's feet, waist and hand also use HTC launched Vive tracker. Around Polygon on CES 2020 debut in January, it is understood that the solution will be provided to this summer looking for general tracking solutions company. Around the design of the Polygon based on simple self calibration, so is suitable for various applications, including from the training to the simulation of virtual collaboration, can set the user does not need others to help. Set up after successful, Polygon IK systems will be able to read the Vive tracker data, and calculate the user's natural body movement. Around Polygon compatible with around Prime gloves series, and support local or multiple users, through the existing network connection so that a company's colleagues can be Shared virtual workspace. This is done by the system and its running host work together to achieve, the host allow visitors to join into the environment. Around Polygon object tracking is another key part of the network function, it can ensure that all users view real-time object position, and no matter who in the use of the object. Around Polygon is compatible with HTC vive and other compatible SteamVR VR head show, and will be officially launched in June 2020, compatible with Unity. Around VR also plans to release in the second half of this year the Unreal Engine 4 plug-in, and expand to more motion capture hardware compatibility. Around VR latest series of around Prime gloves came out in 2019, at the same time provides three models for tracking user gestures. Including flagship gloves model for Prime Haptic, support every finger tactile feedback, sold for 4990 euros. It is important to note that around VR is not the only explore body tracking technology solutions company. Russia's recent move to catch technology provider Antilatency the SDK update to 1. 0. 0 version, and in the custom tracking technology in the solution increased the Oculus Quest support.
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