The joint surface of the skin epidermis VR system restore human touch

by:Fuhua     2020-09-02
Recently, scientists at northwestern university and city university of Hong Kong team developed a wireless, lightweight skin VR system, can fit the skin surface, perfect human touch, its mechanism is through the way of mechanical vibration, realize electronic programmable communications and physical sensory input, as a virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR equipment. The researchers in this post embedded in a set of wireless power supply, electronic actuator disk wireless control. Now, a 15 x 15 cm ( 5. 9 inches) Prototype contains 32 such equipment. The researchers hope that with the decrease of the size of the actuator, likely will be packed more equipment to a given area. The idea was that when skin VR patch is activated ( Such as VR games) Some actuators will vibration on the wearer's skin, thus stimulating person in a specific area of the touch. Each actuator is designed for maximum at a speed of 200 cycles per second of resonance, it is human body skin show the frequency of maximum sensitivity. Using a smartphone or tablet on the touchscreen interface, a person also can real-time remote control another patch. For example, if the 'sender' fingers tracking X on the screen, the 'recipient' feeling that X has been tracking the patch at the bottom of the skin. Once further development, in the hope that this feature can allow video chat participants through the virtual touch their equipment. In addition, the system has been used to allow lower arm amputees measuring its bionic hand grip strength. Researchers in the first place in the United States army veteran Garrett Anderson ( 加勒特·安德森) Pressure sensor installed on the prosthetic fingertips, and then on his left arm stub VR patch placed a skin. When he later by hand grasp objects, sensors will be activated actuators - in the patch The finger pressure, the greater the actuator vibration. It made him feel it firmly in the arm. Northwest airlines professor John A. Rogers said: 'we use in the telescopic electronics and wireless power transfer knowledge, integrating advanced architecture together, constitute a large number of components, including micro actuators, these components are designed to be related to the skin of wearable devices. 'The research together with professor yong-gang huang. 'We think this is a good starting point, can be naturally extended to the whole body system, and hundreds of thousands of discrete programmable actuator. 'The future development of AR/VR is to develop a complete immersive experience, not only including interactive graphics and sound, and touch. This multi-sensory technology influence was profound, across from social media, such as in the field of communication to games, entertainment and rehabilitation and recovery in the clinical medicine etc. Mechanical sensors distributed in the dermis, is the foundation of human communication with the real world.
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