'The interactive VR plays Under' new Shakespeare with play

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
Developers an Claws had released the award-winning works of VR Virtual Virtual Reality TendAR and AR application. The launch of The VR studio drama 'The Under Presents', this is a game and immersive experience of combining theatre. Tenderclaws development of today, the company announced a new time act: Tempest ( The storm) , this is a drawn from Shakespeare's drama with the same reality show + VR play. The hero of the Tempest is called Prospero, you will follow him, interactive way to understand a love/hate and magic through the story. It is understood that the performance were completed by 11 actors take turns, each a show about 40 minutes, every time you are likely to encounter different performers, experience the natural is also different. If you ever watch in offline immersion/interactive drama, will know this form the feature of the show is the actor and the audience interaction is part of the show, and the interactive performance is easier than traditional form to attract viewers interested. And 'The Under Presents' shows an interactive VR drama, it is offline interactive presented by VR form of drama, benefit is that The audience can anytime, anywhere, via The VR head can watch, also can realize The interaction with The actors. In addition, the Tempest support many people experience, every show will contain one real actors and 6 - Eight of the audience, at the same time may be simultaneously more performances, so if a few friends to watch, can be arranged to different events. It is understood that the ticket price of 14 Tempest performance. 99 dollars, will be from July 9 to limit open during the end of September. Tickets can be purchased within The application, but now download 'The Under Presents' will no longer charge ( 19 original price. $99) , so you only need to spend a ticket money can experience, equivalent to a disguised discount to new users. However, at present the activity and new haven't log in Steam side, only supports Oculus Quest and Rift. For implementing the interactive narrative, in order to achieve this level of interactive storytelling, developers an Claws cooperation, with the New York drama clothing suppliers Piehole by professional perspective for the story of the dynamic characters and the actors to provide services. 'The Under Presents' experience aims to use wireless inhibited The Oculus Quest, allowed The actors to join to experience, and from The physical location of different performance.
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