The future China or will become the VR industry leader

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
Recently Russian satellite news agency reported, the global demand for virtual reality VR technology is growing. According to the Greenlight Insights predict that by the end of this year global VR technology market scale will reach 160 billion yuan ( $22. 4 billion) , and according to some other estimates, China will account for 30 billion to 90 billion yuan. , according to data from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by 2025 China will become the global leader in the industry. According to the report, now interest in VR technology also promoted the special content of equipment. According to UploadVR data show that in April 2020 in the largest number of users of Steam game platform using VR helmet increased by 0. 62%, to 1. 91%. According to international data corp. , 国际数据公司(IDC)) Data, due to the outbreak of virtual reality in the first quarter of 2020 equipment sales are expected to be lower than last year 10. Will drop by 5%, the second quarter of 24. 1%. However, IDC still think, autumn before the recovery of production will make the total annual supply nearly 7. 1 million units, will be more than in 2019, 23. 6%. These figures is due to a large number of new VR projects, among them, including VR industry one of the important participants in China in the rise of the industry. Reported that China's VR equipment quality do not poor, and even in some ways more than western rivals. Huawei glasses started in December 2019, for example, in the global sales, it looks very promising - — This is the lightest VR devices, weighs 166 grams. When it comes to the development of market of China will lead the global VR, Stanford mentor vagina Dayan, 'China has hundreds of hardware and software companies. The productivity of China is amazing, I have visited a place called MadNet industry incubation center, of which more than 10% of the project and VR are involved. And HTC in 4 Vive X accelerator program has two located in China, one in shenzhen, one in Beijing. 'The vagina Dayan also said that China will be able to for future VR market leader in the world, there are several key elements, such as strong manufacturing capacity, low cost and availability, as well as Chinese on the height of the VR technology acceptance. 'In the end, this really is a lot better than Europe, in Europe, VR is my colleague and some technology curtilage conversation,' he said. Suzhou university associate professor, school of computer science and technology xu charm son thinks that the popularity of VR technology related to the market to the growing demand. In addition to the virtual reality technology, the enhancement ( AR) And hybrid ( 先生) Reality is in active development. They will allow us to the real world and virtual world as a whole.
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