The formal edition of the Gadgeteer VR educational games on August 27, to log in

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
Gadgeteer is produced by independent game developer Metanaut, first login Steam platform on April 23, at 50 yuan, support Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows, MR head; After landing on October 24 Oculus Quest, final version will be on August 27, login Oculus shops and Steam platform, priced at 14. 99 dollars. Support for multiple languages. It is understood that the Gadgeteer formal version to increase online sharing, players can pass the function to upload and share personal work, and communicate with other players in real time. Online sharing of launch will surely enhance the social interaction, make us to the game have more looking forward to it. At the same time, also provide puzzle game editor function, players can pass the custom puzzle CARDS function, to meet recruit challenges from other players. Not only that, the game also provides more than 40, including rubber ducks, bowling and soap, bizarre props, players can use these props puzzle levels of stage mode to increase the difficulty. Metanaut CEO Peter Kao said: 'we are building a VR puzzle game with an infinite possibility, as the formal edition of the Gadgeteer release, I can proudly say the game reached we will puzzle with sandbox games combining the anticipated goal. 'Core' Gadgeteer 'game is to support players create puzzles works in any combination, new game props' Color Toolhead 'provides more than 60 for players to choose Color, players can be arbitrary use one Color for any device to puzzle colored, fully immersed in the colorful jigsaw puzzle in the world. The essence of VR games based on physical puzzle games, players can through the dominoes, leverage, puzzles, playing ball and so on more than 50 small tool combination formed a chain reaction, to solve interesting and complicated puzzle. The game is divided into the story mode, two sandbox mode, players can choose according to his be fond of the corresponding mode.
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