The form is not important game for fun

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
For the prospects of VR, HTC, Oculus and SONY are optimistic, but Microsoft is opposite attitude. Recently, the vice President of Microsoft's games business Phil Spencer said in an interview: 'VR is not the focus of the Microsoft Xbox development, because no one want to VR. After a public speech, SONY has just stepped down as the global studio head ponder through Twitter and yoshida responded: 'we often try to bring consumers the things they did not require'. This seems to be in, said SONY to consumers not only for what you want, but also for the sake of you, even you didn't know but would like to use to you. Although there is no labeled a reply from a distance, who did not ring, but the sharp-eyed at all know was a response to Spencer earlier comments. So have SONY fans thanks under the push message, said PSVR is very good, there is no fans not to accept. On the other side, that has brought the 'limbo' ( Limbo) With the in-depth ( 内) Two word game Playdead studio, its co-founder Dino Patti said hardware vendor does not respect the objective development rule of the game, is actually a change in hardware technology force play. For example by his body feeling game equipment access is Microsoft has launched, Dino Patti said Microsoft to many studio plug money, let them develop a lot of garbage game. And 4 k resolution but also is the hardware technology vendors and host the developers in order to push a new generation of products such as host of propaganda, there is no use in the game. Three host of nintendo has been uphold the concept of 'the game is for fun, in the hardware specifications, the game picture quality perennial bad deficit is selling better than they seemed to illustrate the importance of gameplay. But we are talking about the 'next generation', why so conservative, to limitations in the present? Isn't this more to discuss some of the no but perhaps in the future popular gameplay? The virtual reality is not a platform will be abandoned, as the Oculus Quest, such as the growing popularity of the head-mounted device, as well as more developers into high quality VR 3 a, its prospect is bright.
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