The dynamic 4 d theater will bring us what kind of feeling?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-31

today here and everyone together to talk about dynamic 4 d theater will bring us what kind of feeling? Then what is? Then we'll take a look at.

dynamic 4 d theater is based on ordinary film development, it is first to select different shooting Angle, sustain the movement of the background picture, let the camera in motion, as if place oneself in the movement of the object, the audience watching the scenery around. At the same time let the audience sat on a movable seat when watching, in view of the scene do relative movement, people can be integrated with the movie.

4 d movie is on the basis of 3D films increase the environmental effects of simulation and new type of film and television products, namely 3D stereoscopic film and the surrounding environment simulation of four dimensional space, is a new kind of enjoyment. When you in six degrees of freedom dynamic sit on chair, not only can complete lift, before and after, pitch, lateral, roll and yaw movement, make its own dynamic suggests that coordinated with the plot of the film, meet to watch the balance and moving.

you can also feel the water spray, jet, rain, thunder and lightning, snow, such as a true feeling of intimacy, completely into the plot, the audience fully enjoy the pleasure of advanced technology. Dragon tower dynamic + 4D cinema, collected the dynamic film and all the performance and characteristics of 4 d movie let you in the process of film for see, hear, touch, smell and so on multiple value sensuality, carry you to a world that is both real and unreal.

the content of the above for everybody detailed introduction about the dynamic 4D theater will bring us what kind of feeling? Hope to be able to help people have a deeper knowledge and understanding, if you want to learn more knowledge, to recommend pay close attention to the following fuhua WeChat public number.

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