The development of vr operations

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

this is a trillion-dollar consumer market, hundreds of millions of people around the world and the intimate contact, many of the world top 500 enterprises and Internet giant VR field layout. Market hot, a lot of capital into with the manufacturers, the market has already started to shuffle. So where competition is inevitable.

consumers for high quality project needs to improve, theme park scale, specialization of management into the future development trend.

choose a good place for good operation, the address is the first step to success, how about location, location selection must consider the external environment, business circle, the transportation, competitors, spending power and other factors.

must first clear, commercial body + community is the preferred! These little details can't be ignored: the transportation is convenient, there is parking lot related; There are dining facilities, beer and skittles together; High-end business environment have spending power, had better have mature community near, and so on. Second, to avoid some pitfalls, such as high-level, industrial area, away from the downtown station, etc.

teach everyone how to seize the opportunities brought by commercial body adjustable laying period.

although the cooperation pattern of each site is different, but ultimately nothing more than the problem of cost management. For the joining trader, is to consider investment and risk, the choice model of pure rent? Or investment into patterns? Or contracting business model?

this several patterns have what disadvantages? According to their own actual situation, which is the most suitable for their own? Project positioning, venue decoration, the budget of the investment, etc.

a team must have the management personnel, sales personnel, service personnel, logistics personnel, is a qualified team. Offline VR theme park, staffing should follow the principle of what? From the project and site area, scheduling, considering the three aspects, especially pay attention to the time arrangement, regional exchange, motor, part-time and other issues.

the second type: incentive solution how to formulate reasonable pay salary system, a reasonable compensation system should be: efforts can get + easy to calculate, staff is willing to spell, and introduces the implementation steps. Help employees improve yourself, let employees involved in management lead by example, sets up the enterprise culture and so on, are effective methods.

It is beyond doubt that benefits vr platform. Market sentiments are strong, especially in the light of growing virtual reality cabin observed globally.
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