The chance of VR in where? Offline VR experience shop to tell you

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
Generally speaking, the new user permeability has reached around 20%, there is real market opportunities. In the current under the condition of VR equipment is still very low permeability, the chance of VR in where? VR offline experience store, may be an answer. VR experience shop the rise of VR offline experience shop is relative to the family of VR. Basically, all the family outside of the VR entertainment can be said to be the VR offline store experience. VR offline experience shop is usually a large shopping center, theme park, the cinema or other places of business operations, stream of these places have carefully designed VR entertainment experience. A typical VR offline store experience places have an open space, the space is filled by security surrounded by a wall, and with the VR sensor head show and tracking, etc, a set of VR devices. Unlike home VR, players can in physical space is not subject to dangerous obstacles hinder the free mobile, VR application converts players in the eyes of the space to developers create any virtual interactive world. Research company Greenlight Insights forecast, the next five years, VR offline experience store market will grow to $12 billion. By 2023, VR offline experience store will account for about 11% of the virtual reality industry. At present there are about 5700 places of world, consumers can experience virtual reality outside the home. Greenlight Insights is expected by the end of 2022, the number will rise to 45000. According to the size of the space, VR offline store experience can be divided into three types: VR arcade levels, room VR, warehouse VR. VR arcade is similar to the previous arcade games: a small fixed VR devices, only need 1 - minimum space 2 square meters. This pattern of VR entertainment cheaper price, quantity many, including the common VR egg chair, VR roller coaster, VR racing, VR spinning, VR running machine, etc. Players through the joystick or other input device, in a fixed position, not free to move. VR arcade save space and easy to start, renting a VR head and mainframe computers can be opened. The VR content of VR arcade, however, is the single-player game, level of experience only slightly higher than domestic VR. VR level room, need at least 2 x 1. 5 meters ( 3 square meters) The rectangular space, allows players to move freely in the experience of VR. Movement in the physical space is mapped to a virtual space, and tracked the players' brains believe what it experience in is real. The player can move through the in physical space to move in to the virtual space, rather than forward on the analog sticks or steering wheel. Game is a place where a collision free space, so the user can move freely and don't have to worry about bump into things. The most typical scale VR entertainment room is VR games to escape. They don't require too much space, only 25 to 30 square meters, anyone can play, can accommodate 3 - 4 people, suitable for family and the company party. VR level warehouse, need a lot of space, experience the best, the most expensive, too. Warehouse VR is also called free roaming VR, because players can be in any walk, play space generally area from 100 to 200 square meters. Here a core technology, called 'walking redirection technology', take advantage of allows users to feel inside limited physical space walk through real experience in a virtual space. Very magical effect: when you believe that you are walking in the brain of a line, you are actually go on curve; Let you go in the game on a few miles of a straight line, but in fact you are standing still. VR offline store at present a lot of experience, more prominent is VOID, Dreamscape Immersive, Hologate, Sandbox VR, Nomadic, Zero Latency, Sapces, etc. Where is the advantage? At present, most of the VR hardware and experience for the average consumer is expensive, but VR offline store experience shows great prospects. Is, in fact, more and more common, people first through experience VR arcade or large space VR was introduced to the immersive experience, and then purchase VR devices in the home. VR VR offline store experience relative to the family, there are a lot of advantages, this is the reason of the rise. Highly immersive VR offline experience shops have larger space, equipped with top head of VR, support gesture gloves, feel the vibration of the vest, simulation of wind fan, simulate the smell equipment, simulate the fog aerosol spray device. Users can in real free walk, feel the lifelike textures, wind, rain, vibration, heat and cold, and even smells so immersive VR experience higher than at home a lot. Void, for example, Void provides multi-user VR experience, players can wear head of VR and computer bag, freedom in virtual space walk, felt the shaking of the floor, the wind blowing straight, the smell of the surrounding, etc. Good content VR has not yet found killer application to attract a new generation of consumers. Although have Beat the Saber so popular game, but don't have any VR games large-scale popularization in the mainstream consumers. Void, Space and other VR offline store experience and well-known IP cooperation, create the attractive VR content. Void with Star Wars: the empire's secret vampire slayer expendables 'curse of the brave game: reverse' 'avengers alliance' and so on, and the world's top IP binding VR experience, attracted a large number of professional VR players outside of the ordinary consumers.
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