The British Bodyswaps new VR training solutions platform

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
Bodyswaps, a British technology start-ups, recently the company issued a new VR training solutions platform. It is understood that the platform also joined the HTC Vive X accelerator plan, let more people benefit on Bodyswaps platform. Bodyswaps VR training solution platform for business and education institutions and development, aiming at providing a new communication tool for enterprise employees, thereby enhancing their confidence, and even affect their behavior to a more positive direction change. The platform is compatible with mainstream VR machine on the market, in order to help users to get timely and effective distance learning. Currently training Bodyswaps platform consists of three modules: 'active listening', 'clear communication' and 'challenge uncontained behavior'. Meanwhile Bodyswaps plans this year to launch 'interview skill', 'emotional intelligence' and 'unconscious bias' three new function training module. Bodyswaps co-founder Christophe Mallet, said: 'joining HTC Vive X accelerator, will benefit more employees on Bodyswaps platforms. We will continue to expand soft skills VR simulation content library, the development of new function of VR training modules, and to provide users with large-scale data to make them understand the training schedule and effect at any time. 'HTC Vive X and ecological platform developers director Dave Haynes said:' we are very glad to joined HTC Bodyswaps Vive X accelerator, we focus on business investment in VR, and believes that VR soft skill training is a potential growth point. Bodyswaps can stand out because of its innovative and extensible VR training way across a variety of different industries. 'Vive X plan to help develop a startup accelerator, provide them with professional operational guidance and financial support, to promote global VR in global development. In addition to capital investment, Vive X accelerator program will also help the hatch team for strategy and business development, technology research and development and marketing support, make the team can use HTC Vive resources to speed up the development of increasingly mature.
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