The big four VR equipment plan to teach you how to choose the right

by:Fuhua     2020-09-27
Virtual reality ( VR) Industry development in just two years time, the word 'VR' swept across the entire Internet tuyere, product category is numerous, PC version, all-in-one PC, mobile phone box. 。 。 。 。 。 , then in VR gem under the age of products, how to choose to find the right equipment? Share the following four schemes, give you different choice. Solution a: Vive Focus VR all-in-one: if you want to buy a simple and easy to use VR devices, do not need to connect the phone/computer, which put the box, a key boot, don't have to worry about complex technical/installation problem, can play immediately chang among them; Is a tech columnist, want to take out the VR devices, at any time play with VR, novel and pleasure to share with relatives and friends. 。 。 Has a particular interest in the film and television, hope to have the large-format private cinema, lying in the house every day sofa or bed watching a movie or a variety of video formats; For offline VR cinema, or the VR shopping experience store 3 k ultra clear display of the VR devices for the guest viewing or experience; Want to choose a dignified and special present for family, friends, send leadership, send object; Is like a high standard of appearance also cool new technology, can carry out street show off. Scheme 2: Vive Pro Pro + handle locator 1 head. 0: if you buy before Vive consumer version, want to upgrade VR head of audio-visual experience ( Such as eyes resolution is increased by 78%, with 3 d stereo space sound) And wearing comfort, advice directly buy separate Vive Pro Pro head show upgrade replacement; As a new VR users, want to buy the most strongest immersive, content, the best effect of VR devices, and the range of 3 m x 4 m for pleasure can meet you, Suggestions on the website to buy Vive Pro Pro head show and participate in 'with additional' to obtain a set of equipment; Runs a VR experience shop or other business activities, to upgrade the original Vive head show, give customers a better experience of VR, do not plan to will play area to expand more than 3 m * 4 m, advice directly buy separate Vive Pro Pro head to replace the upgrade. Solution 3: Vive Pro Pro virtual reality system if you: need to 6 m * 6 m of VR, the future may also need to more locator 2 via software update late connection. 0, support 10 m x 10 m more tracking range; Is a VR developers, want to study the most advanced VR hardware, as well as the latest SteamVR 2. Zero tracking technology, it is suggested that to set new Vive Pro Pro virtual reality system; Often need to use VR devices to participate in the exhibition activities, Vive Pro Pro locator 2 in the virtual reality system. 0 have stronger anti-interference ability, can in the more complex the Demo environment more stable to VR display; Need to VR devices used in VR many classrooms, many people against such as VR scene, a pair of locator 2. 0 can identify multiple VR head show tracking scope, stable and efficient; Is to have a Vive Pro Pro head/virtual reality system of business users, it is recommended to buy 90 days again the chance to buy Vive industry application service Vive enhanced service to industrial application, obtain more quick and guaranteed after-sales service, to make commercial VR worry-free; Have money to buy the most expensive one of the best would-be capricious, that's right! Plan 4: Vive consumer version of the virtual reality system if you want to experience more than 2000 PC of VR rich content, strong immersive and cost-effective, the Vive consumer version of the virtual reality system completely enough. In the global PC market of VR, Vive consumer version of VR experience effect after the strongest Vive Pro Pro, but the price is much cheaper, so. 。 。 You know!
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