The aviation banquet RMX dream VR dining experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
In June, 'aviation RMX party' has appeared the kwangju FoodHack food assembly, this is by the Italian artist Mattia Casalegno creation of VR dining experience, the whole experience contains 5 'size' of the future are food, VR for experience not only bring a dreamy visual experience, will enlarge the experience of taste for food. About VR dining experience in South Korea FoodHack Mattia to find three more well-known chef partners: Chintan Pandya, Adda Indian Canteen and Roni Mazumdar, hope to the further development of VR dining experience. The inspiration of the Mattia interactive VR dining experience, from the Italian futurism artist and poet Filippo Marinetti in 1932 by the futuristic diet book, the purpose is to use the modern innovative technology to enjoy food the way of change. In the experience of FoodHack, three participants need to wear with Leap Motion gesture tracking module in Rift S VR head show, into an interactive 3 d world, and then they can see their hand in VR, also can see the 'food' with special effects. They need a hand to grab a unique plate, and put the food into his mouth, the whole process with VR fantasy type of flow experience. Participants eat everything food only a small and easy to eat, of which the first dish is added soon mushroom tower, and the last dish is made from corn cold noodle, basil seeds, strawberry ice cream and the rose syrup made from creative drinks. In the process of experience in food, participants in the VR will see the mushrooms in the tower into the red crystal pieces around the grey cluster, with each bite bite down, VR scene will change, as the food adds a layer of story at the same time, also touched the participants of the senses. Regarding the brooklyn museum visitors experience the feeling of experience and participate in the department director Sara Devine said after FoodHack experienced other 45 project: compared with other VR had experienced before, the aviation banquet RMX left with a more profound impression on me, combines food and VR, art may have an immersive feeling. Another experience, perception experience science at the university of Tokyo lecturer for Narumi said: you will feel in the aviation banquet RMX pure taste, it is greatly different from the traditional dining experience with us. And a 67 - year - old housewife Okhee Kwon after the experience was very excited, she said: I want to live in VR, here is full of imagination, all the best of everything here. Experience Harry Parr said, one of the whole process of experience reminded his memories of childhood eat communion wafers, especially the tongue touch of biscuits, texture and swallow. He needs to hold the table, even straighten posture, to avoid falling into the milky ocean VR. Even in VR to touch an accordion, experience is natural enough, in which he forgot the reality, as if know the but again don't know the secret behind the food, and is amplified by the surreal visual senses it. He added: the experience was so powerful that it's not like in the early stage of development of technology, because the experience is very, very good. However, I think VR is to reach its full potential. Parr, points out that people really accept VR dining experience and a distance, VR closed, after all, your vision, and eating in the dark is prohibitive. Eating in the dark, after all, there are some disadvantages, such as eating someone feedback in VR will become more complex, because of the shape of the plate are more strange, from to get it to send food to the mouth can make you feel not adapt to the process of. Again, for example, Prada SpA, vice President of marketing and events department Kathleen Box experience in the spring of this year, had the food accidentally got on. To this, only on the artistic creation and practical measure. About future potential, of course, have a meal is not a new idea in the dark, Europe has arisen in the 90 s, the concept of eating in the dark, the purpose is to block the diners vision, most exerted to taste and smell. The dining experience still hasn't been gained popularity, however, on the contrary, more like a publicity, and VR dining experience may also can produce the same effect. In addition, due to the cost of VR hardware cost thousands of dollars, need hundreds of hours of content design and development, also need to spend time to train helper, there is a great a distance the distance scale obviously. You can see that the VR technology in the development, while VR dining this application may be able to new era dining experience provides a new solution. The immersive VR will help to restore the mood for food and the focus of repast, allow you to focus on enjoying food, instead of photographing them, circle of friends. At the same time, although VR is an innovative technology, provide the content of the experience in aviation banquet RMX is enough to restore ancient ways, let you eat as if place oneself in the middle of 90 s movie scene. In addition to the aviation banquet RMX, until that moment, there are also some new visual such as AR/VR technology combine with food case, such as the City of London Social launched can scan a cocktail of AR animation art Tokyo restaurant Tree by Naked shows polyhedral projection art, while the pizza Sublimotion visit combined with laser show, original music and samsung Gear VR head, provide customers with $2000 / person, senior dining experience. But with the aviation banquet RMX, these applications tend to create a dramatic experience, rather than using 3 d vision to influence the senses.
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