The Apex the Construct 'announced the Quest platform sales has sum over all other platforms

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
Game development company, Fast Travel Games of CMO Andreas Juliusson on Twitter, confirmed that the VR Games the Apex the Construct 'in the Oculus Quest platform sales have more than the sum of all the other VR platform. Fast Travel Games CMO Andreas Juliusson recently confirmed the news on Twitter. The Apex constructed 'in May 2019 in the Oculus Quest to launch platform, its first in February 2018 in PSVR launched for the first time, and in March the following year on PC platform, so the version is OculusQuest version in a year's lead time. In the Apex the Construct 'OculusQuest before release in January 2019, Fast Travel CEO Oskar Burman says the Apex the Construct' 46% of the sales from PSVR platform. The latest data show that VR developers was OculusQuest platform to be successful, and the platform does not require expensive PC or console can run. Last month, the developers of the journal Dreadhalls also said that the current sales the OculusQuest version of the game is more than the sum of all the other platforms. Compared with the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go, OculusQuest platform with more strict audit, this means that both the number of stores on the issue of the game is less, but overall quality is higher. Last month, in addition to Fast Travel, VR has also revealed that the current 'Dreamhalls' game developers Quest version of sales growth trends beyond all other VR platform. In short, developers began to see the potential of Quest platform, even some of the games in two after being rejected by the Quest shop still want to register on the platform.
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