The air force with virtual reality VR training pilots

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
The U. S. air force in order to reduce the burden of pilot shortage, the latest plan is through virtual reality VR devices, to speed up the training a new batch of pilot. Curriculum design is an experimental program, U. S. want to see how VR affect pilot training speed and scope, result the plan was a great success, curriculum planners are greatly encouraged. VR training methods could be more common in the military. Air force institute of the new flight training Next project is a branch of pilot training project, the project by the air force education and training headquarters launched in 2018. Pilots in the project under the use of virtual reality, the combination of biometric and artificial intelligence to better learn flying skills. While using VR does not replace the actual aircraft in flight time, but it can let students have more time to exercise their mobility. The school said in a press conference on October 7, 'fly' will launch this fall semester, there are some students have trial early in the summer. According to release, increase the VR flight time is a solution that may be due to schedule conflict and exclusion from the Colorado springs airport real-time flight for students to learn in a way, let them have more air in the four years of school training. VR training allows the students to the bad weather or in the evening flight back to students area. If they need to practise a particular skill or technology, they can try a scene over and over again, until they practice well. The school has bought 16 sets of VR training equipment, including a ready-made VIVE Pro head show, as well as the joystick, throttle valve and other simulation cockpit environment of the equipment, and plans to purchase 12 in early 2020. Air force academy powered flight project flight commander captain Bryan Rhodes, said that on the virtual reality system in powered flight training trained students to prepare better, understanding of radio calls and traffic patterns and more. Traditional flight training of students are often in a separate out before 10 flights and check the flight, but make full use of virtual reality flight training allows Rhodes, student's training time, prepare for their more advanced flight training. AETC commander Webb will hope to further expand the pilot training in the coming years, until all its content in the undergraduate pilot training base is finished. In the future, the air force headquarters plans to expand the scale of VR simulation training, used for basic training and talent cultivation, and distributing the plane for the pilot.
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