The 77th Venice film festival VR unit judges show husband as by the island

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
According to media reports, the 77th Venice film festival announced the main competition commissioner, the Venice film festival opened on September 2, till the end of September 12. The annual list of the panel, but before has publicly cate blanchett, French director Claire DE, British director & amp; Writers such as Joanna hogg will also be invited to join, and legendary game producer island show will serve as VR unit of the judges. The 77th Venice international film festival jury list specific as follows: main competition cate blanchett ( Australia, actor) As the jury President, Joanna hogg ( In Britain, the director, 'souvenir') , cristian peja cuo, ( In Germany, the director, 'undine') , Chris, optimal ( Romania, the director, 'the home of the snow mountain') , Veronica, Franz ( Austria, the director, 'good night mommy') And nicolas la gioia ( Italy, author) , dew, devin, yeah, ( France, actor, 'the truth') The horizon unit Claire DE, France, the director, 'living space') As chairman, Chris d. , Chen ( The United States, the producer, 'carol') , Oscar ali bounty ( Spain, the director, 'Zumiriki') , Fran Francesca, door he ( Italy, the director, the TV series, mora) 、Katriel Schory( Israel, film, head of the fund) The first unit in claudio o. gw ( Italy, the director, 'young Mafia') 、Remi Bonhomme( Marrakech international film festival art director) , DORA, comfortable, Lydia ( Tunisia, the producer) VR unit Celine Tricart ( The United States, the 3 d and VR experts) Christopher capa Deere (o, In Britain, the director, 'maradona') Show, island ( Japan, the video game industry, and the death ran aground) We reported earlier, the 77th Venice international film festival will be on September 2 - on schedule 12 host, VR units are all converted to online. As the world's oldest film festival, was founded in the 1932 Venice international film festival is known as the 'father' of international film festival, is the world's first international film festival, cannes international film festival, and the Berlin international film festival and called Europe/the world three big international film festival, the highest award for 'golden lion', starting in 1949. Since 2017, the 74th Venice international film festival will VR into the competition, this also is the international mainstream film festival first recognised VR as a new kind of movie art category. Including the Pinta Studios 'SheMeng old man', Sandman cautions Studios 'swim', 'window' of Shanghai Wei Tang film and television, and China's Taiwan director tsai directed 'home in LanRe temple' four VR China works for success. At the Venice film festival held as scheduled is injected in the arm for the world's film industry recovery, to bring more hope, in the film industry people wish the festival can be held smoothly.
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