The 2019 international conference on virtual reality innovation will be held in Qingdao - Vr experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
2019 international conference on virtual reality innovation ( English WVRIC) On June 27 to 29, held in Qingdao international convention center. At that time, there will be national, provincial and city leaders and experts and scholars and governments at all levels more than 1000 scientific research institutions and companies from all over the world on behalf of a total of more than 3000 people gathered in Qingdao, jointly open a compatible with science and technology and culture, creative and surprise of the virtual reality industry summit. The 2019 international conference on virtual reality innovation with 'VR fusion development innovation leads the future' as the theme, by the Qingdao municipal government, China academy of information communication, jointly organized by virtual reality content production center, the city bureau of industry and information technology, the laoshan district government to undertake. Congress will set the main BBS, BBS 12 games project, Qingdao, China international exhibition, virtual reality France, virtual reality Asia exhibition, the international week of VR images, the star shark cup 'global virtual reality contest awards, China's new media content innovation summit and 2019 micro dream country, Qingdao line, virtual reality will project contract and so on seven big plate of activity, number of activities increased from 20 games last year to this year's 30 games. , Qingdao, China international exhibition, virtual reality France, virtual reality show for three days in Asia, exhibition companies at home and abroad increased from 132 last year to more than 180, exhibition area will reach 1. 20000 square meters, nearly 20 theme exhibition will show huawei, Microsoft, sina, baidu, tencent, song, Intel, HP, from 18 countries and regions such as the nearly hundred well-known institutions and enterprises of VR hardware equipment, solutions and distribution platform, content production and interactive experience, centralized virtual reality industry application products and application on new trends. In addition, as the innovation of the new plate, the international week of VR images will be held by summit theme, professional BBS, 'sand box' and other activities, workshops and VR images art exhibitions in exploring immersed within the framework of the global image of the future development direction; China's new media innovation summit lines and 2019 national dream, Qingdao and the grey China tour activities will also debut at the conference, around the VR + content entrepreneurship, new media operations, such as social media marketing mainstream topic for further discussion. During the meeting, China academy of information communication will publish a white paper on the 5 g cloud virtual reality, the element of fire visual media (shenzhen) co. , LTD. , Beijing culture co. , LTD. , as it were, a group of companies will sign in laoshan. Is laoshan area focus on the development of virtual reality industry '6 + 1' is one of the emerging industries, laoshan district since 2016, put forward the building of 'virtual reality industry in China' strategic concept, has always aimed at the international first-class, promote industry rapid growth. So far, the area has set up 11 virtual reality high-end research and development institutions, and account for more than 70% of the national r&d institution; Gather a group of domestic first-class VR leader; Develop a series of close VR industry at home and abroad extensive cooperation channels, and build a VR industrial entrepreneurial innovation ecological highland. The only vr/ar technology and application of the national engineering laboratory, virtual reality technology and system state of state key laboratory of Qingdao chamber and such laboratories, successively in laoshan national innovation platform. Relying on large number of quality VR enterprises rapid concentration, of district 2018 VR enterprise business income reached 4 billion yuan. VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR, AR, MR, AI technology, science and technology innovation is the integrated hardware and software research and development, the integration of content customization, design, construction, production and sales and marketing services as one of the high-tech enterprise. Launch three series of VR games equipment, dozens of VR equipment product, contains a variety of VR games types. VR games equipment products are exported to at home and abroad, all over the world exports to Britain and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 20 million people consumption. 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