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The 14th Asia VR&AR Fair Expo/AAA 2018


Asia VR&AR Fair Expo/AAA 2018 was held from April 3rd to 5th in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. Our company mainly show the new product, Peerless Racing Car at the exhibition. Peerless Racing Car is an international market orientation simulator for children’s entertainment and adult game competition simulation. 4 players or multiplayers can compete in one time, take you into the world of professional racer.

See, Peerless Racing Car attracts a lot of attention.

Many people come to experience it without hesitation.

First,Children's group, our peerless racing car attracts them so much that they can’t stop playing.

Second, adult’s group. China-foreign racing competition.


Besides, it attracts many Chinese famous stars  Zhengkai, Zhangguoli, Jiangshan to experience.

What a magic product! Come to challenge yourself and your friends, to see who is the “Racing master” in final? Come on, maybe you are the next racing master!