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The 10th GTI Asia China Expo 2018


GTI Asia China Expo 2018 was held from September 12th to 14th in Pazhou,Guangzhou,China. This time, our company ,Dongguan Fuhua Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. show some new products at the exhibition.


The first one is Archery Hero. Realistic bow and arrow, real screen and decoration, and the sound effect is matched to make the player feel like being in the real combat environment. Through the bow archery, exercise arm strength, achieve the effect of exercise. See, what a cool pose!

What a good archery exercise, of course, the mother can not wait to teach her children.


The second one is Precipice Adventure. This game is adventurous, exploratory and cooperative. A sense of mystery attracted many people to play. Do you know what are they doing? There may be some amazing species around them.

The third one is Biochemical Purgatory. You can imagine yourself surrounded by zombies. Only to fight side by side with your partners, fight to last drop of the blood with the crazy zombies, you can see the dawn. What an exciting experience!



The last one is Amityville 9D. Do you know what are the doing? Having a meeting? Nonono, ghosts will appear around them from time to time, and they will be killed by ghosts if they are not careful. At this moment, it was up to his partner to remind him. Horrifying, stimulating  game is worth to challenge.

Our company also has other interesting products. Welcome to visit our factory!


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