Terrorist VR game 'Lies Beneath' login Oculus on March 31, the Quest

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
'Lies Beneath' is a cartoon visual terrorist VR games, recently, the game officially announced on March 31 login Oculus Quest platform, and will be on April 14, login Oculus Rift platform. Recently, by the ever developing famous host game 'war machine' and famous VR 'bullet trains' ray ・ Davis as CEO of game developers Driver Entertainment officially unveiled a VR survival horror game new 'Lies Beneath'. In terms of creation, the Lies Beneath 'by famous horror game' resident evil 'series and' silent hill 'series of strong effect. Games in North America Alaska fictional city 'Slamber' for the stage, tells the story of college students 'mei' to save the father and of the local residents and strange creatures battle story. 'Lies Beneath, the biggest characteristics is that the picture and art, art style of the game by author of the walking dead, Bernie ・ lai peterson, author of hellboy, mike ・ meters jolla, terrorist cartoonist ITO embellish, fantasy cartoonist its true aso and other famous cartoonist. The music of the game made famous to participate in the game 'halo 5' and 'metal gear solid series within the matrix of a true and responsible young composer Richard Williams. On the game, the Lies Beneath, used in close combat with the battle over a long distance in two ways. From a game trailer, we can confirm that the player will hands hold weapon fighting monsters in the game, the trailer includes the leading role the enemy to throw knife is thrown back, the game also contains puzzles and explore factors. 'Lies Beneath' creative director Brian murphy said, in the process of game development, he was always afraid to let colleagues as the goal to develop the game. In daily game testing, he joined the elements of some horror movies, and always looking for opportunities, make your co-workers screaming like a child. In order to achieve better propaganda effect, Driver Entertainment has produced the Lies Beneath 'as the game stage in aerial town' Slamber 'tourist guide. The site shows that the region will hold a mingled with the horrible murder and missing the ghost tour of the story, and the introduction of the ghost tour page will contain the abandoned village and cannery players will experience scenes in the game. Have such a unique terrorist elements with art style of VR games new login on March 31 Oculus Quest platform, and on April 14, login Oculus Rift platform. Which personally I doubt very much looking forward to, and you?
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