Tactical Haptics latest VR handle, playing a new height

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
At present, the VR gaming experience pavilion has gradually spread to all around us, VR game is compared to the plane game VR can achieve, immersive experience, but the embodiment of immersive way, except in terms of visual interaction convenient peripherals are equally important. VR immersive entertainment, for example, VR handle, seat of the peripherals upgrade, also can greatly improve the immersive experience. According to reports, before they have a lot of VR peripherals scheme and research, such as the VR handle, VR gloves, wearable body feeling feedback clothing and so on. Among them, about VR handle project will have a lot of, for example, the Index with five fingers tracing, Etee five fingers tracking joystick, two folding fan of VR handle ( The research phase) , the original VR handle ForceTubeVR submachine gun fittings, etc. Quest magnetic suction handle suite in * in AWE summit last year after the demo video, is considered by players always thought magnetic suction button scheme, and is very popular. This is a very clever design, such as we usually handle is used to separate, such as shooting game both weapons can be used at the same time ( Such as gun) , while in some parts of the scene can be achieved by hands and magnetic suction fit hands operation mode, the corresponding in-game scenarios also switch from two handguns for a submachine gun. It is understood that SaberGrip is also part of a study to NFS support, this version is also from a VR experience store partners to collect feedback, said prefer the cylindrical design, thus upgrading. In simple terms, SaberGrip is a low-cost, modular force feedback controller. Mentioned modular is a clever design, also is able to apply in the SaberGrip, for example, can be the top can be installed Vive Tracker, at the top of the rear can install Quest the handle of the sleeve. And using experience, consistent with ReactiveGrip SaberGrip tactile feedback system, use is very close, only experience will be different. In addition, there are submachine gun suite, sword scene, hands SaberGrip, fishing rod, the VR handle add to the VR experience pavilion, let the VR games more diversification, simulation of sword, fishing, playing golf, etc. , is playing a new height. In a nutshell, Tactical Haptics is the latest SaberGrip is expected to be launched toward consumption scenarios, it is also benefit from the rising of the consumption level of VR players. Tactical Haptics thinks, as the international outbreak continued, in the future based on VR simulations potential will be stimulated to some extent. It seems that the development of VR games is obvious!
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