Support to smell and touch of VR mask, can simulate 255 kinds of flavor

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Era in the development, the information in the blast, knowledge at an unprecedented rate in the update. In today's life pressure so big, VR glasses watching movies, playing games has become a way of leisure entertainment. Although VR head showed again and again to improve the resolution of the equipment, even achieve 4 k effect, but in the process of our experience, always feel lack of something, let us can't completely is blended in among them. In the final analysis, because in addition to we have a vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and VR virtual reality glasses for vision services, ignore our sense of smell and touch! Situation, in the face of such a predicament, the United States Feelreal company launched a both smell and touch experience of VR mask, just connect to the Internet, or bluetooth, wearing VR glasses, can open the doors of the new world, let us experience a whole new virtual world, 'smell' to the taste of virtual reality. Smell some of them are provided by a device called a gas generator, it can be replaced by a cartridges, ink cartridges can fit into a nine separate scented capsule. When the user use VR glasses to watch a movie or play a game, these scented capsule can according to the picture you see, evaporating out different smells to cooperate. Such as will smell the sea at the beach, in the prairie smell cow dung, will smell the flower fragrance in the garden, will smell blood in the battle, will smell burning was on fire. According to the official version, they launched a total of 255 kinds of different taste, you can according to their own needs, personalization, free combination. This unique VR mask in addition to outside the taste excellent feedback, its tactile feedback are also very interesting. Can pass the micro heater, provide desert roast; Through the ultrasonic ionization system, provide rain wet; Through the micro cooler, provide cold wind chill. Can even tactile vibration motor, real reduction in the game, hit the feeling of the injured. Although the Feelreal VR mask is not the first to put forward through the five senses outside of audio-visual enhance the immersive VR, but developers say Feelreal has supported the elder scrolls five VR horizon, 'Beat the Saber, such as more than VR game content. Let's wait and see!
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