Support in VR 3 d creation, logitech VR stylus open purchase in advance

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
In AWE of this year, logitech shows a touch stylus created specifically for VR Ink: VR Ink Pilot Edition, now the VR stylus is now open purchase in advance, priced at $750, in February 2020, is expected to shipment. It is understood that VR Ink is a focus on enterprise applications products, its compatible with HTC Vive and Steam VR 1. 0 and 2. 0, the characteristic is to use like a 2 d handwritten pen into 3 d, easy to use, allows you to quickly start in VR in three-dimensional space. Logitech originally published in May this year the stylus. They were only cooperate with selected third parties to collect feedback on equipment. For the official start of the booking products, the company called 'beta'. VR Ink Pilot Edition is expected in February 2020, support SteamVR Tracking 1. 0 and 2. 0 locator. In addition to the stylus, logitech provide priced at $70 (at the same time RMB 491) Can players writing pad VR Ink Drawing Mat. The company will be adopted 'to achieve the best tracking performance and design of low friction surface texture', but it is unclear that refers to the mentioned equipment to track, and positive role or is able to provide ideal friction for pressure-sensitive pen. Writing pad for A1 size, i. e. , 23. 4 inches x 33. 1 inch ( 594 mm * 841 mm) 。 Stylus can be used as a conventional input device, but it does not apply to typical SteamVR game. Instead, the stylus with a few focus on art and design of VR tools custom integration. Logitech's list of currently supported applications include Flyingshapes, Vector Suite, VRED, Mindesk, Gravity Sketch, MARUI ( 玛雅插件) ,IrisVR和倾斜刷。 In addition, the company provides an Unreal and the Unity of the integration, so that developers can for the stylus fit more applications. Logitech stylus technical parameters: 1. Size: 42 mm * 64 mm * 232 mm 2. Weight: 68 g of 3. System requirements: compatible with Steam VR ( 1. 0 and 2. 0) And support: Vive, Vive Pro, Varjo, steam Index 4. Range: 2. 5 hours ( USB charging) 5. Connection: 2. 4 GHz wireless, micro - USB 6。 Tip: to change the POM plastic 7. Control and function: two simulated force sensitive control ( The tip/finger) ; Can click on a 2 d touch with; Double grasping button; Tactile feedback. Menu button and the system; State of the LED
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