Super cute Half + Half, sing a song? Dance! 'turn your heart!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-27
VR world and real world, looking for a perfect meeting place is not an easy thing. Now, new social experience from Normal VR developers 'Half + Half' hopes to solve the social problems. This is a social hub for users to explore together, provides a series of surreal space and anyone can chang play of the game. Now the Oculus works have landed the Quest and the Oculus Rift, at the same time provide general buying support. First from the point of style, the Half + Half walk is not similar to the human face of virtual image, but with the virtual organisms to represent these round players, see the colorful little creatures, feel also become lovely. In the game, players can not use language to communicate, between your voices can be transformed into 'la la la. ' 'alien'. In the absence of facial expression, players how to show your current mood? The Half + Half chose to body language. In Half plus Half of the game world, players can through the arms like 'noodles', shaking body, such as interact with other players, and to express their emotions. Body language is sometimes very expressive force, of course, this design also brought some interesting game for players, for example, dancing? It is important to note that 'ten thousand years' smile face does not mean that the Half + Half, each player are like two peas in a pod, the game also brought some personalized clothing customization for the player. Players can completely rely on these options, create a belongs to own Wanda. And the game content, at present a total of five kinds of small game, including the hide and seek, VR version of the 'wall', the air fly ball, deep-sea diving, etc. VR hide-and-seek is one of the most interesting game, is also the most surprising. Think that VR virtual space can be turned into a with distant friends and play games. Of course, this does not simply hide and seek, 'Half + Half' hide and seek in the play is very rich, every 2 - Four players as a group, each player in turn the role of catch and get caught, is responsible for catching the virtual image becomes huge, and captured becomes very small. Is responsible for catching the players through the swinging arm to move, but it is captured using a slingshot to shoot out, mobile scope is bigger. Is responsible for catching the players not only need to find other players, but also with bombs hit their success, is victory. While the players get caught shoulder the task of collecting the chromosphere, if just hide in a place that can't be found, is unable to collect the ball. After a few turns, the ball the largest number of become a champion, so in the case of without being seen to collect the chromosphere is the key to victory. Recently, Normal VR for the Half + Half provided further updates, optimize the social experience of the game. Now players can see in the world gathered at the entrance to the different game world Wanda, each can be seen in the current number of mini games also. In addition, players can also easily by deconstruct the matching in the game world, for the game. Glide + Swim also turned into a completely open to the world, the player can jump, directly from the Lord in the world and the freedom to explore together with other random user. For like relaxed, comfortable style, or want to find interesting social place friend, 'Half + Half' is definitely a good VR games.
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