SUBPAC joint 'Beat the Saber 'launched a limited edition of VR somatosensory vest, or launch Quest edition of my world

by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
Ricky, founder of the Oculus Palmer new company valuations Anduril exceeds $1 billion, according to foreign media, according to CNBC report Palmer, founder of the Oculus Luckey has received a including well-known from silicon valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz's new capital, to support its startup Anduril Industries development; Now, Anduril Industries of valuation for $1 billion. Anduril committed to by VR and AI in cutting-edge technologies, such as to strengthen the defense science and technology, its border controls technology is mainly through the AI to implement tracking analysis of tower of cameras and infrared sensors. It is understood that the 'virtual' border wall has been deployed in Texas and California. The Wild and The Igloo Vision cooperation, create Shared Igloo submerged platform Shared VR recently, collaboration tools, The Wild announced and immersion 360 ° projection space business Igloo Vision cooperation, jointly build a platform for sharing of immersion Igloo Shared VR. The platform can break through the geographical boundaries for business and the customer, only the iOS device VR/AR function, both sides would then be able to see the same content. Igloo Vision business development director josh Rowland said: 'with The Wild cooperation is very exciting, The potential of The cooperation of The two companies made products developed to get incisively and vividly. 'Oculus VR patent exposure: separate made calculation module recently, portable bag Oculus latest VR head portable package patent exposure. According to the patent, the VR portable bag built-in calculation module, using USB interface Type C power supply. When user put VR all-in-one in portable bag, the portable bag can charge for VR head show; And take out, the portable bag can provide work force support for VR all-in-one operation. In addition, the portable bag and head of VR is wireless connection, namely its need at least 802. 11 ac protocol standards, to meet the demand of wireless streaming. SUBPAC joint 'Beat the Saber 'launched a limited edition of VR somatosensory vest recently, SUBPAC announced' Beat the Saber' developers Beat Games cooperation, jointly issued a to 'Beat the Saber 'as the theme of the limited edition SUBPAC vest. The vest made of nanometer silver materials, has a new optimized tactile sensor, keep wear comfortable at the same time can further enhance the Beat the Saber 'immersive of the game. SUBPAC vest sells for $299, with high capacity lithium ion rechargeable batteries, can run more than six hours after each charge. Microsoft considering introducing Quest version of 'my world' recently, Microsoft announced that it is reviewing 'launch Oculus Quest' my world '' request, applicability, and considering the bedrock version of Java version is beyond the scope of consideration. It is reported, 'my world' team spent nearly two years time to game transplantation heaven on the Switch, the reason for the delay of project or unable to obtain the required resources. Thus, the Quest version of transplantation progress may not so fast.
The global market was valued at virtual reality simulator in vr game equipment and is expected to reach a market value of vr platform by vr game machine, with a CAGR of virtual reality game machine during the forecast period.
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