Studies of travel industry development, will be the tuyere education investors?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-22

at present, studies the industry as a whole is still in the growth period, 2016 - 2017 investment and financing of 14, 19 pen, respectively, in 2017, investment and financing for up to three. 2. 2 billion yuan, the growth in 198. 15%, the average scale of investment and financing about 17 million. The development of Chinese studies travel report points out that studies the travel consumption demand power period, future 3 ~ 5 years studies only teenagers overall size will exceed one hundred billion yuan, the scale will achieve 200 billion yuan of above studies overall demand scale.

so under the current Chinese market, studies travel investment will be a draught?

studies travel is not only the momentum of economic growth, but also to expand domestic demand of the new hot spot. Data shows that our country studies trip person-times rapid growth since 2014, the number of domestic studies travel by the growth in 1. 4 million to 2017 in 3. 4 million, at the beginning of the overseas studies travel number from 350000 to 850000 in 2014.

many studies investors trip, is to see this, big market and develop quickly.

and, more importantly, studies the development of the travel industry has huge potential.

in economic development under the new normal, promote studies travel by reform and innovation, investment and consumption to promote the development of modern service industry, increase the employment and income, improve the quality of people's life is of great significance.

in the tourism bureau issued the 2016 China tourism investment report, studies travel products are seen as one of the ten important areas of tourism investment in the future. Under the current market environment, got the attention of many enterprises, become the next investment field of!

fuhua intelligent technology is made studies of travel product development professional, if you need to travel in studies of investment, you can consult a fuhua intelligent technology, studies what product is better to travel.

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