South park art circles popular science park opening to the outside world is waiting for you to feel 'magnitude 9 earthquake'

by:Fuhua     2020-10-27

with the earthquake experience pavilion, no longer experience in the classroom and corridor there is no feeling of exercise; There is a typhoon pavilion, in mainland China can also experience the shock brought by the strong hurricane & hellip; … Last year meticulously art circles popular science park, the south suburb of changsha city park visitors to this day to the different experience of popular science.

is bad, the earthquake! Quickly find a place to hide & hellip; … In a room like the actual situation, the sudden extinction of lights, followed by shaking, in which people can't stand, dramatic swings around, for a while was thrown forward, a moment is flung backwards, even being clear of the ground, the ceiling of the crane fell quickly, the calligraphy and painting on the wall shock slanting & hellip; … In front of the forces of nature, human beings seem so helpless, reporters today in simulated magnitude 9 earthquake, severe panic swept from the heart.

if the earthquake bring fear to people memorable, experience the earthquake pavilion, may experience vivid experience, so, the power of the typhoon, show the same terrible nature, experience in the typhoon, the people around a ship rocking the boat, pungent strong hurricane forced the rain hit to, if people don't forcibly pays special attention to the fence, has blown into the sea may & hellip; …

the reporter understands the scene, in the southern suburbs park art circles popular science park in a series of new experience project scene vivid, citizens visitors besides can participate in the emergency evacuation drill training, still can feel the characteristic of various kinds of recreational projects, fun. Art circles as a try, south park park focusing on science garden activities, the characteristic building science projects, pay attention to citizen tourists participatory and interactive.

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