South Korea VR platform Super VR subscribers increased by 106% than the end of 2019

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
It is reported that South Korea's telecoms giant KT wireless VR media content service Super VR has become South Korea's largest open virtual reality platform. In just one year after its launch in 2019, the existing more than 100 start-up companies from South Korea, both inside and outside to join, and share their virtual reality. At present, SuperVR owns more than 10000 in the game, the idol fans meeting, sports, education, yoga, tourism, real estate, employment interview simulation and health care of VR. In march, SuperVR average utilization ratio in February rose by 60%; Last month, SuperVR paying users than the end of last year increased by 106%, and investigate its part of the reason is due to the outbreak of home quarantine, the user demand for remote activity continues to grow. In SuperVR VR content, provided by a medical team game with elements of the development of VR training program will be in Pusan national university hospital for clinical trials, the test purpose is to understand whether the project can improve the limb paralysis symptom of patients with brain disease. OlimPlanet is another house SuperVR start-ups, its Zipview solutions for people looking for a new house 3 d building internal views, 360 degrees. According to KT, there are many real estate agents use Zipview virtual remote family services solutions to clients. In August of this year, KT will be released on the SuperVR according to a study by a medical startup M2s eye health and vision care service development. KT also ready to cooperate with VR Archidraw start-up company, in the course of the year for the furniture and electrical appliances business goods 3 d preview virtual platform to provide online service. Similarly, KT and technical cooperation between each big VR startups are also very active. In march, KT in the form of streaming media services provides the world's first 8 k content of virtual reality, thanks to it with silicon valley startups Alcoruz cooperation between. It is worth mentioning is that Super VR with KT, the incumbent President Xuan Hume in July 2019 when served as head of the media and customers, target is based on the KT 5 g networks VR industry ecosystem. Earlier news that KT is planning to Super VR into all kinds of B2B service. By the end of this year, is expected to have more than 150 start-up companies to join the open platform.
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