SOS earthquake science popularization experience pavilion, shockproof little knowledge in the play

by:Fuhua     2020-11-03

to give you detailed decryption right now.

4500 square meters of the SOS earthquake science experience pavilion, the earthquake disaster experience, knowledge, skills training, thinking enlightenment and fun rides together, reflected the earthquake museum's educational, scientific, and embodies the theme park interesting and stimulating. Arena points up and down two floors, a layer for fantasy theme forest area, to explore the topic area on the second floor.

before entering the hall, is a forest full of green corridor, and the mystery of the ancient stone, has walked into a fantasy forest.

out of the aisle, greeted the sequence is the first floor hall. Preface hall has a pyramid of ancient buildings, wanton growth and the creation of cultural relics of the ancient civilization of ancient plants.

move down inside shouted springs is mysterious. Legend, hand-woven cloth descent, to the dragon king to water bath, the dragon king quickly plucked a few root beard must stick on the waist, form the natural shower, water influenced by voice, loudly water quantity is big, shouts of small water volume is small, hence the name called spring, also called tendrils springs.

360° Panoramic VR experience pavilion is located on the first floor of the earthquake museum exports, USES the German advanced 360 & deg; VR panoramic film and television production, seamless fusion splicing, abnormity correction, group interaction import, 360 & deg; Free rotation, 360 & deg; Particles penetrate, multi-channel surround sound, the original dynamic effects, 360 & deg; VR panorama broadcast control software, hardware, and sources of technology, has obtained national invention patent. Film panoramic immersive display animation through and wrap around the audience of virtual reality, adventure, and dreams naive, full of tong qu!

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