SONY's research and development of VR control handle: with manual tracking function

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
SONY interactive entertainment ( SIE) Researchers recently unveiled a prototype of motion controller, the controller shows the use of machine learning and capacitance sensor experiment technology to track the whole hand. According to the website of roadtovr ', recently had a share video, shows a can track the prototype of the human hand controller, and further confirmed SONY is developing a new VR motion controller, model may be 'PS Move 2'. Game controllers can completely sensing the position of the fingers, and movement, when used gesture to show in the game, this is 'VR fingers tracking' technology. SONY PlayStation VR for the next generation may use the tracking technology. The controller USES the design of similar means tiger palm, with the help of a sensor to identify finger gestures. Overall, in the design and function, with its predecessor was the index of VR controller is similar. But SONY's controller seems to be able to overcome the current gestures to control system and the limitations of traditional controller exist, such as user sweaty palms and wear under the condition of the rings and watches, can accurate real-time tracking the user's finger. Thus more convenient operation, in a variety of VR games get more authentic experience. The current algorithm can't estimate the shape of user's hand ( For example, the finger thickness) , this action such as such as pinch in the implementation of the operation in the actual hand posture and the gap between virtual hand posture. Users can, of course, when to pick up the smaller virtual items to adjust itself, although the Knuckles and original Oculus Touch controller, it is correct. Oculus Touch controller is first has a relatively small capacitance sensor array of mainstream VR controller. Whether by Sony's built-in PC solution or use controller intends to cooperate with PS5, Sony will continue to work toward the direction of the commercial development. We are still holding your breath waiting for the next generation of PSVR release, hope that Sony can eliminate at least Move of PS and PS Camera optical combination of aging.
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