SONY plans PSVR into online music and sports activities

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
Recently, President of SONY yoshida, xian, told the financial times said: when the company is gearing up complete its head of VR development, and prepare to develop online sports activities and concerts, open stoping area, and believe that VR online concerts and VR sports activity will become the mainstream of home entertainment. When asked about with many large studios and music labels and game studio SONY is how to reshape the entertainment consumption under the impact that occupy the home, and ultimately the outbreak era to create a world, yoshida, xian, Shared his prospect of virtual reality. Yoshida, xian, said: at present, the company's challenge is how to the remote host is immersed and real-time live music. Development teams are trying to use VR technology for streaming to the concert, but the key is how to provide the experience more smoothly. Rapper Travis Scott, Travis Scott) In late April in the popular game 'fortress nights' held a virtual concert, and attracted a record 12. 3 million spectators. This also prompted Scott the latest MV streaming media content increased four times. Activities held shortly after, yoshida xian ichiro for SONY employees said it could be a group of the next opportunity. Yoshida, xian, predicted that as the global blockade lifted, originally packed live music will keep for a long period of time limit state, the recovery may be slow in the film industry. SONY launched PSVR head show since 2016 has sold more than 500 ten thousand units. Facebook's Oculus in has disclosed that the user Quest in VR machine sold the first year after spending the $100 million + content. In view of the impact on the industry earlier but soon disappear us, lack of killer content, and has not solved problems such as delay and motion sickness disease has been affecting the development of the industry. SONY game players complain including at the same time, the current head of VR is cable access PS4 host, and the equipment can only support a player at a time. Analysts and gamers speculation, PS5 will support two wireless head. Although yoshida xian ichiro didn't discuss PS5 VR plan, but he admits PSVR is still in the early stages of development: 'VR still has a lot of room to improve. We need to continue to improve our technology. 'PSVR laid the foundation for SONY virtual reality project. With the advent of PS5, new PSVR will also be a blockers, let PSVR play PS5 more features.
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