SONY officer xuan 'diffuse wei iron man VR' on July 3, is launched

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
SONY interactive entertainment ( SIE) Announced that developed by Camouflaj, recently because of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak delayed diffuse wei superhero adapted PlayStation VR games 'diffuse wei iron man VR ( 奇迹的钢铁侠VR) ', we are sure will be available on July 3. The diffuse wei iron man VR official release date has been postponed many times, SONY announced in January game was postponed to may, after as COVID - 19 outbreaks, but also announced that the game will be delayed indefinitely. SONY PlayStation and other game platform is affected by the series of the pandemic, including changing the quality assurance testing process. Diffuse wei iron man VR is PSVR exclusive products, that may be PS5 before the arrival of the final run on PS4 new game. , according to the news of the upcoming new PS5 host will be compatible with the current PSVR head show, and most of the PS4 game is expected to run on the new system. However, we expect that SONY will not soon to launch a new PSVR, so we would like to know how the diffuse wei iron man VR in the use of original new consoles stable running head. About COVID - 19 situation continues to develop, so we'd like to know if PS5 can determine launched in 2020, if SONY can achieve, then there will be enough system meet the demand. The diffuse wei iron man VR to players in the role of Tony Stark, it has the function of innovation, the function in the game for players with other PSVR have no freedom of activity. In the game players need to use two handle, manipulation of the iron man right hand movements. You can start your iron man all kinds of powerful weapons in the freedom of choice, in the high-speed flight to stark's enemies. Players also can be in stark lab to upgrade equipment and weapons.
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