Social VR platform the Bigscreen update, will provide the user with a movie on demand

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
The Bigscreen social VR platform in the second half of last year launched a paid movie, users can buy the tickets, and other users in setting the time to watch a lot of 2 d and 3 d movie, this more or less work like real cinema. Although users can still through the special one-time activity to do this, but the Bigscreen introduced a update, add on-demand movies activities to the list, let users can manage demand movie to watch at any time. Bigscreen this update 'movie and events' section effectively replaced its since December 2019, the launch of the 'big screen theater' update, which was the first Bigscreen continuous, fixed time movie update every week. The updated 'film and event' section contains a directory of dozens of 2 d and 3 d movie, and to provide the video playback. New on-demand viewing system allows a user to within 48 hours to watch the movie up to 10 countries/regions, each film at 3. 99 dollars. In addition, the Bigscreen also added a 'new event' menu, can let users such as real-time view of the special film screenings, rocket, live sporting events such as the latest events. Also, the 'new event' contains video content including free and paid content, charge content for 3. 99 dollars, and varied from different countries and regions. Bigscreen unique charm is that it can mirror the user's desktop and share with others, which allows a user to viewing party on its own. Share the desktop for SteamVR compatible head show users is a good thing, by sharing mode, users can realize the desktop sharing between each other. But the Oculus Quest and Go users want to share the desktop is more trouble, they have to skip some steps, to make the specific function to work properly, this is new on demand video function is particularly important. It is worth noting that the Oculus closed in 2018 video purchase and leasing services, so the Bigscreen hope that through new rental service, to provide users with healthy, energetic, not break of service. Since the Bigscreen launched in July last year featured live TV channels, all users can free the channel TV event by on-demand leasing service makes the company is a market leader. The Bigscreen currently support equipment including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, steam Index, all Windows MR head show, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.
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