Small vr experience pavilion investment analysis

by:Fuhua     2020-11-11

now vr experience pavilion is more and more popular among people, also more and more people like to invest in vr experience pavilion, especially vr experience of small pavilion. Then, what is the distinguishing feature of small vr experience pavilion, how to analysis?

small vr experience pavilion investment cost is mainly composed of venue costs, use of equipment purchase cost, auxiliary service facilities in the park, venue construction costs, personnel costs, water and electricity fee of several aspects, for the sake of contrast, we in 100 small small experience of vr pavilion calculates data, for example:

1, small experience of vr's cost:

if it is a lease premises, small experience of vr's expense of region, city, location and other factors. In second - and third-tier cities, according to the principle of site selection, site should choose where is not far from downtown, basically, the second - and third-tier cities 100 - small experience of vr's costs about 10000 yuan.

2, vr experience of small pavilion equipment purchase cost 100 square meter small small experience of vr pavilion commonly used. Vr experience of small pavilion equipment including lone star children vr, 9 DVR, and so on, small VR simulator

3, small vr experience hall affiliated facilities costs.

4, small vr experience pavilion site construction costs.

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