Shooting Game Simulator is reality interactive shooting simulator experience game equipment.It uses a special design platform,matching interactive shooting gun and immersive HD glasses,which let you really into the game characters as one to enjoy the real shooting experience!As if you are in the battlefield to destroy enemy camp. It is like a moment of transformation into a lone hero in the crisis, ready to be fully equipped to fight back the storm. And shooting game series machine support multiplayer play together,you can imagine what it would be like to go into battle together.About shooting game series,we have 9d Virtual Reality Game Machine VR Treadmill PP Gun Shooting Platform,360 Xd VR Theme Park Virtual Reality Walking Shooting Game Simulator,High Cost-effective 360 Free Walking VR Play HTC VIVE Steam Game Platform,Most Popular 9D VR Horse Simulator Amusement Rides Anti-true Machine,Outdoor/Indoor Amusement Park 2D/3D Crazy Hunting 4 Players Game and so on.Different antagonism field, same exciting shooting feeling!

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