Shanghai import expo opening VR exhibition experience ice world

by:Fuhua     2020-09-03
On November 5, the grand opening of the 2nd China international import expo in Shanghai, from more than 150 countries and regions more than 3000 enterprises, the quantity of the country and enterprises are more than the first. Among them, some at one time, the number of real-time in the pavilion pavilion break through ten thousand. Inside and outside the pavilion, a variety of interactive experience so that attract the audience. Both comac large aircraft, as well as countries such as the Chinese eye, deep sea warrior jack; There are related to ordinary life medical science, the wisdom of the family, etc. There are many areas of science and technology enterprises are set up VR exhibition at the scene, showing their cutting-edge results. Among them, 5 g and VR seems to have become a 'standard', has appeared the booth, has caused wide public concern. From this into the exposition, the application of VR is usually accompanied by a blessing of 5 g. Both show the use of equipment, and the application of VR on live, cannot leave the 5 g can assign. As 'leader' of 5 g technology in our country, has a unique advantage. Sit in the cockpit 'test drive' china-made large aircraft this year into the expo China pavilion to join a large number of interactive experience, let the audience can immersive experience to China's splendid history and culture with the latest cutting-edge science and technology achievements. The most watched three: comac large aircraft, 'the Chinese eye' and 'deep sea warriors in China'. Visitors can 'drive' comac, china-made large passenger aircraft soar the skies 'ride' manned submersibles into the bottom of the sea, through the VR ( Virtual reality) Snow experience area, put on VR glasses, deduce into expo 'snow country' during the second into the expo, the national exhibition center north square a new snow experience area, the area 5000 square meters, is divided into immersive VR experience area, curling experience area, fantasy carnival experience area, the ice snow and ice and snow world five areas. Eight people at the same time operating experience 4 d racing, such as high speed skiing immersive game is also very popular in samsung VR area, for eight visitors experience 4 d computer at the same time the car, such as high speed skiing immersive game. 5 g provide consumers with more powerful data support. In VR applications, for example, 5 g support higher image transmission speed, let consumers get comfortable experience. In addition, VR, AR etc will also be applied to education, health care, manufacturing, and many other industries, bring new opportunities. All in all, from 5 g phones to AR glasses, VR all-in-one, such as terminal equipment, to each vertical industry, 5 g has a broad application prospect. If the last 30 years of mobile communication technology has realized the connection between people, 5 g will support of the people, people and things, and connection, the goodness of smart + connected to every new era.
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