Section 2019 taobao creation science and technology feeling, HTC new debut

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
Festival this year, on September 12, taobao creation in HangGuo old plant and west lake two conference officially opened. Taobao and Jiang Fan Tmall President said: 'taobao section of creation is our young creativity, characteristic on taobao merchants ecological a salute. 'This year, taobao creation section is the largest and most abundant ideas in history. At the scene, in addition to more than 1000 'new species' characteristic, there are a large number of well-known brand of science and technology to the taobao creation section as an important stage of their new features, in addition to the cause of artificial meat choose debut in section in taobao creation, international first-line brand HTC of VR equipment, also put here as a global synchronous starting the next generation of flagship product. It is reported, on September 12, afternoon will HTC sync on taobao creation section starting new VR equipment VIVE Cosmos. Wear the glasses, can let a person 1 second switch in the virtual world. The VR head show has large improvement in the clarity and wearing comfort, with its even a day of it is no problem. Experience, science and technology of people behind a few days can come to the creation experience personally. It is worth noting that HTC on the occasion of the new starting, is often in CES and MWC such global influence to traditional industry conference. The choice in the 'young, creative' as the core of taobao launch day of creation, to embody section of creation in science and technology in the field of professional influence. Taobao creation section of year, area of science and technology has always been the focus of all parties, all sorts of subversion imagine the future of science and technology also emerge in endlessly. Previous two creations section respectively introduced a Buy +, tao no coffee shop, the last year's signature is mixed reality - shopping experience 'Taobao buy ah'. This year, the technology sector is appetizing before opening the everyone's appetite. From artificial meat try to booking, to the restaurant near the rocket, to 'exoskeletons mecha' came to military training field. Flexible screen, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), speed 3 d printing and a series of future technology, forms of robot performance even in a live performance, painting, science and technology feeling empty. Taobao section of creation are evidenced by creativity. Alibaba group chief marketing officer Chris tung said: 'taobao section of creation is to demonstrate creativity, realize the dream, is the world's unique dimension of goods to merchants creative story and an offline exhibition of the story. 'The current taobao Tmall platform has become a series of new technology new product starting main land, taobao section on the future of science and technology, creation becomes more foresight and imagination.
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