SEC 2018 Beijing ended, VR highlight all full here

by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
On June 1, five days of the 2018 Beijing international service trade fair ( Hereinafter referred to as the SEC) A complete. The VR simulator manufacturer as the only exhibition e-sports VR in the field of VR, domestic enterprises together with the excellent companies in many industries to participate in national, international, comprehensive exhibition, and fruitful! Participation situation of the 5th Beijing intersection set of 50000 square meters exhibition display, including the international exhibition galleries, provincial and industry area. SEC the Beijing exhibition will be a total of 120 countries and regions to attend, including the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Australia and other 37 overseas countries and regions to set up the international exhibition of Chinese and foreign guests gathered, internationalization color will remain a strong one of the features of it. VR simulator manufacturer as the only exhibition e-sports VR in the field of VR, domestic enterprises, in the Beijing fair excellent appearance. Leadership inspection VR simulator manufacturer product committee standing committee of the CPPCC national committee, Beijing vice mayor wang hong business committee, party secretary of Beijing 闫立刚 to guest booth Beijing municipal party committee standing committee Du Feijin visit enjoyed guest booth Chinese real estate industry association of professional committee of the real estate business and tourism, the secretary-general Cai Yun to guest booth media enjoyed guest CCTV reported 30 booths VR simulator manufacturer co-founder Yang Xiangming special report whether interview Beijing time DaGongWang feature of China's new net feature selected product the VR simulator manufacturer rollout, le guest games division after 1 year half made a big PVP combat game - — The field company, their first appearance at the national conference center, e-sports project, in combination with bring to the forefront of e-sports experience. The door of the deep sea exploration, matrix space, time and space, rapid flashes of lightning, time machine, Deep exploration: nine people experience at the same time, the matrix space: four people experience at the same time) Due to the top of sedimentation, unified style of white and blue, the integration model of cool, let a person fang Buddha in the future of virtual reality experience, with strong charm across whole! Popularity of special booth rendezvous scene shows subtotal Beijing has traditionally been displaying the latest service trade field service products, solutions and service mode of the biggest stage. In 2017, the Beijing municipal services sector accounted for the proportion of GDP has reached 80. 6%, and the service consumption accounts for the proportion of total consumption to 51. 3%; Service trade volume of nearly 1 trillion yuan, accounting for 21% of the whole nation; Service trade structure optimization, continually emerging service trade exports accounted for more than 60%. VR simulator manufacturer headquartered in Beijing, is all this and participants, a witness to the development of VR simulator manufacturer will further implement the opening-up policy decisions, unswervingly develop their business, in Beijing and the world will add momentum to the steady economic growth. E-sports has often been synonymous with video games, online games, let a person a love-hate relationship. Sports science research institute of Peking University, Beijing university of Chinese sports industry research center, the executive director of He Wenyi said, online games, electronic game is a present form of e-sports, itself is not good or bad. Culture is a way of life, the behavior way, is a kind of values, e-sports is young people's way of life and values, in addition, e-sports has been for the 99th item of sports, from the perspective of culture, after the network game is a new kind of co-figurative culture, e-sports is network game and values, e-sports from a physical point of view, e-sports is a kind of culture form and core values, is by online games as the carrier of sports activities, the construction of sports culture of e-sports. Mr VR simulator manufacturer co-founder and COO Yang Xiangming e-sports sports in accurate investment docking keynote speech at the meeting, for the guests introduced the e-sports on VR simulator manufacturer in VR, efforts and layout, and depicts the e-sports infinite space, VR China body e-sports is also actively build the whole e-sports industry ecology, VR simulator manufacturer will also be involved, provide people with entertainment services. VR simulator manufacturer co-founder and COO Yang Xiangming 'e-sports tuyere has come, the new sports industry in depth, breadth, accomodation and persistence beyond everyone's imagination. VR simulator manufacturer as pioneer VR e-sports domain, e-sports cooperation, the body will be in China for all who are interested in e-sports new e-sports industry partners to build the global sports industry cooperation platform, hand in hand to win-win e-sports big business! Through these days of exhibition, VR + e-sports is very popular with professional players, and the public, through the solution of VR simulator manufacturer, hardware, software, and the integrated operation ability of the game, create the new entertainment experience. And the Beijing SEC for VR simulator provides a very professional manufacturers, the sentiment is very strong platform, show amazing size and the enthusiasm of the audience impressed us. VR simulator manufacturer will continue to 'new technology, new entertainment' to upgrade the entertainment industry, continue to create a huge profit space VR new entertainment products! VR simulator manufacturer, let every man be able to play perfect VR entertainment experience! The exhibition trivia
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