School experience the earthquake pavilion, manufacturer fuhua tell you it is benefit for students

by:Fuhua     2020-10-31

guangzhou fuhua co. , LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of VR earthquake experience pavilion, has 10 years of experience in the industry, its production experience of earthquake museum has simulated real, if let you immersive experience an earthquake is happening.

guangzhou fuhua company in binhai secondary school earthquake experience of the construction of the pavilion, pavilion, there are a lot of knowledge about earthquakes, let small make up a simple introduction to the students under the guidance of the teacher, learn knowledge of earthquake!

earthquake experience hall at school, the students around the immersive feel an terrible earthquake scene together, particularly when p wave propagation have surprised the power of the students. In addition to learning is how to produce earthquakes, the distribution of China's earthquake zone theory knowledge, here, the students also through computer simulation scenario earthquake seismic hazard perception.

earthquake experience pavilion learned knowledge to escape school, at home we can hide in the small studio, the main wall of the walls, or a corner of the room, if inside the school, we can hide to our desks below, USES the crouching posture to protect your head, there is a second, we can use, run and escape to the nearest way.

the teacher told the students, the earthquake came, no matter adopt what kind of method, is an orderly evacuation to a safe place, avoid the stampede.

we should cherish life, to the greatest extent to protect themselves, learn to knowledge of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters.

I think learn these knowledge, it is necessary, the earthquake came, can protect themselves, can also help others.

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