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Safety education activity in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


On June 16th,2018,safety education activity was held in Hero Square, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou. At the activity scene, 17 departments of public security, fire control and safety supervision and more than 2,000 people participated in the comprehensive emergency rescue drill for fire accidents, including fire alarm, evacuation, medical rescue and fire fighting.


At the activity scene, our company is the only VR experience area and also the most popular area, attracting many audience to stop and participate, let participants feel the importance of safety and improving safety awareness.

First of all, the girl experienced the campus fire drill. Wearing our high-definition headsets, she felt as if she was in a raging fire. It may be that she has never seen such a real scene, and she is so scared after experiencing it. This is the charm of VR technology and immersive experience, which brings you a sense of reality that you have never had before!

By contrast, the boy is much more daring and has completed the entire fire drill with ease, and then wants to experience earthquake safety! Maybe this is the advantage of VR safety education. It is a combination of teaching and entertainment. People can easily learn safety knowledge. Some people will say, this is all common sense, nonono, a woman was at the scene of a "fire" yesterday, but even the number of fire alarms is forgotten. Therefore, both our VR fire drill and earthquake safety education are for us to respond in time to the disaster in the future and take proper measures to escape safely.

Because there are so many people interested in it, our leaders are attracted to our product to  try. After experiencing our product, the leader said, our product is excellent and it is worth letting more people know.

At this safety education event, many people have learned a lot. What a meaningful activity!

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