Russian new VR head control combat uavs

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
According to Russia, 'izvestia newspaper website reported Russian military to manipulate using VR technology to combat drone, for the latest model was found to play a whole unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot equipped with VR head. It is understood that the pilots wear after the first show, synchronizing perspective of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cameras can be gained, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) optical devices provide images with flight parameters and target information. Military experts believe that using VR technology will greatly improve the work condition of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot, but now need some time to improve the human-computer interaction interface. Russian military network editor dmitry cole had said: 'better vision and almost instantaneous events reaction speed is two main advantages of the VR head show. Previous unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) camera to obtain images will be output to the pilot cockpit on display a number of computers, in this case, the pilot to observe and understand the terrain is not too easy. Now wearing VR head after the show, the pilot by turning the head or a slight move line of sight can see the direction of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on both sides of the situation. 'Overall, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot wearing VR after the first show is not only increasing the service efficiency of uav battlefield survivability and weapons, also make the operation process will be more comfortable, and in the process of combat is not easy to produce fatigue, more accurate to combat missions. Therefore, exploits test pilot igor marley colonel peskov said: 'the pilot to the space environment of their own illusion, a serious problem is easy to occur in flight, usually when the pilot training always spend a lot of effort to solve the related problems. In the high-speed flight vestibular organs is easy to let a person produce illusion, for example, some parts of the flying in the clouds, the pilot will often feel fuselage Angle, but show Angle instrument does not exist. By wearing VR head show no doubt can improve the space awareness of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot, but if you want to install VR head show column forces, there are still many problems need to study and solve. ', according to Russian media on VR headsets whole can improve the performance of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) including the ability to survive, and efficient use of weapons. The pilot's working strength is reduced, not only can perform operations more accurately.
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