Resolution Games launched its new VR Games the Cook. . . :一个三明治

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
Angry birds developer Resolution Games announced below a VR Games the Cook. . . Out:A Sandwich Tale》。 The game is based in Stockholm, the company continuously pursue one of the goals of which are accessible for the public, high playability and game full of humor. It is understood that the Cook. . . Out: A Sandwich by Tate 'of the game is set in A fairy Tale forest cabin, cook about four players cooperate together, constantly meet the food needs of magical creatures in the forest of the story. In the game, players will have their own cooking, can be used to put her own cooking ingredients and finished products. Game launched two both single-player and multiplayer game mode, which players can and artificial intelligence in single mode partner to complete the game tasks. 《厨师, Out: A Sandwich by Tate 'producer Gustav Stenmark, said:' the players in the game to become A chef personally involved in the food cooking, immersive experience to heat the air inside the kitchen busy scene. Players also cope with the sudden thieves and customer deliberately sabotage. In a word, please try all means to fix these problems. “《库克- Out: A Sandwich by Tate 'will be released later this year, and landing Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest platform. In order to expand the game propaganda, Resolution Games also invited three prominent chefs to Sweden took propaganda video game. In this video, top chef wearing VR head show now inside the kitchen, let a person can't help to. The current game hasn't released the exact time to market, please stay tuned.
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