Research and development of the university of Chicago, VR heat display, experience can feel the temperature change

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
Whether in the VR environment can simulate heat and cold temperature change? Recently, the United States a college student at the university of Chicago team launched a new project, using a particular smell spray device, make people feel hot and cold temperature changes in the experience. The equipment by Jas Brooks at the university of Chicago, Steven Nagels and Pedro Lopes joint research and development, with a 'heat' the monitor is a small device, it can be fixed on the front of VR head show, and through the spray device in experience below nose smell, the smell stimulated the experience the nose of the trigeminal nerve, the trace of the tasteless component can make the experience feel hot and cold temperature changes. In the example we can see in the video, spray device after a particular smell, experience in the VR environment close to the fire would feel warm, while in the snow feel cold. At the same time, research and development team to the particular smell of spray device which can adjust the intensity, which affect experience is a perception or feeling. In addition, the r&d team according to needs different experience to mix the different types of specific odor, in order to improve of the immersive experience. ThermalBitDisplay according to touch their body parts to provide different thermal feedback. Focus on each part of the body to the different thermal sensitivity threshold and sum of thermal perception of space. Using ThermalBitDisplay these features, for example, using thermal feedback new interaction will be in the notification, communication, alarm and entertainment have many USES.
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