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by:Fuhua     2020-09-20
On July 12, adaptation of the classic Disney animation real CG film the lion king glory returns. This is also the introduction of VR virtual manufacture technology, subversion animation films. 4 and before the avengers alliance ', 'the hero spider-man: crusade, domestic release ahead of North America, and this time the whole seven days in advance, domestic friend felt a secretly pleased? Distance) of the lion king, for 25 years have passed. After 25 years, simba will once again on the screen from the cute little lion the king of the forest grew up to be brave. Director Jon favreau says: 'the story of' the lion king 'popular, Disney's original animated movies and Broadway musical success. I knew I great responsibility, must strive for perfection, don't mess up. I hope that at the same time of loyal to the classic with the most amazing technology injected new vitality to the story. 'Opportunity a Africa trip to restart Jon favreau guide the opportunity of' the lion king is a trip to Africa. 'Before discuss the cooperation with Disney, I made a for up to six months in Africa in the field trip. Remember there's a warthog followed all the way to run in our car, a tour group sang 'hakuna tamar tata' ( Animated film 'the lion king' episode, also is the cartoon 'Timon and pumbaa' theme song) 。 Then, we see lions standing on rocks, everyone said, 'look, this is not the lion king! '' says favreau, this experience made him to feel the lion king is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, no matter the past or now, whether in music, TV shows, comedy, and even painting creation are frequently in salute to the lion king. 'The lion king has become a part of our culture, and I have a strong creative impulses, want to use different media to this classic story, will continue to carry forward it. 'Unprecedented the use of VR tools the filming, creative skills and CG fee RuJiang live-action movies computer imaging technology in an unprecedented fashion, deduce the original animation' the lion king to height. The lion king team by VR technology, never leave home can place the 'set' on the African savannah - — The scene of presence. VR part creation is completed, the director favreau, using a magical way to combine with the live-action movie creation and CG technology, finally the big screen version of all images. In the new version of the lion king, director of photography using VR technology in the movie to find the perfect shot. This new way is similar to real shot in the boom and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), VR shooting only way is completely virtual, real camera don't even need to join. Imagine: as long as there is a VR head to get into the virtual world of the 'lion king', free shuttle in every corner of the world. Sounds a bit like a large single game now, with the watchman pioneer 'PUBG' as an example, the observer in the game map in any Angle in the scene, can travel to every corner in the game. In fact, the lion king in 2019 and the fantasy forest indeed adopted game engines and game production methods. It is understood that a film director Favreau using VR technique has been many years in the making, and even be regarded as the animation film history a transformation. In 2019, 'the lion king, including VR hardware technology companies Oculus and HTC Vive, the Unity game engine company, as well as the collection of the film and television production, game development studio Magnopus ( Who won the Oscar) Provide a lot of help for this piece. However, the difference from the lion king 2019 subversive way past any animation studios, is different from James Cameron avatar ( This part of the personnel involved in production) , it is also different from 'the fantasy forest'. Even now the team from most participated in 'fantasy forest' make people think this way also exceed the fantasy forest in three years. The film visual effects director Robert Dr. Legato after three-time Academy Awards, he said: film VR technology such as the time is ripe, but there was no one to do so. This is a break the traditional film, broke you think of this kind of movie. We think the live-action, CG animation, film special effects, etc. New technology, to produce a completely virtual scene, this may be the key to change the rules of the game.
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