Qualcomm launched the world's first 5 g XR platform can be realized across the AR, VR and MR widely extended

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
At the 4th Xiao dragon technology summit, Qualcomm has released the first support the expansion of the 5 g reality ( XR) Platform - — Xiao XR2 dragon. At the same time, Qualcomm also launched for always, always connected online PC product portfolio -- — Xiao dragon 7 c, 8 c computing platforms and 8 cx Xiao dragon enterprise computing platform, provide enduring life for PC, high-speed acceleration cellular connection and AI. Qualcomm said, compared with XR1 platform, 865 derivatives XR2 Xiao dragon has a significant performance improvement, the GPU/CPU performance is twice as large as 835 derivatives XR1 Xiao dragon, video bandwidth increased four times, the native resolution support six times, AI performance has reached 11 times. Xiao XR2 dragon is the first at the same time can support both seven concurrent camera and a dedicated computer vision processor products. In addition, this is the first low latency perspective camera to unlock the real MR XR platform, but allows the user to wear VR devices at the same time to check the mixed real objects and interact with it. In order to meet the requirements of real immersion type XR, the platform adopts the customized visual, interactive and audio technology, and all of this can make use of AI and 5 g technology. 1. Visual effect in order to support the user experience to a higher sense of reality in XR, we must reduce the visual gap between real world and virtual world. This requires sophisticated display and graphics. 1 Xiao dragon XR2 platform support. Five times the rate of pixels and three times as much grain rate, the leap in core GPU processing aspects, so as to realize the efficient high-quality graphics rendering. Qualcomm new platform to support a series of specific XR functions, such as fixation point based on eye tracking color rendering and variable rate. It can achieve a smoother refresh rate, help apply colours to a drawing of the heavy workload, low power consumption at the same time. Xiao dragon XR2 support unlock 90 FPS monocular 3 k * 3 k content resolution, and was the first to support 60 FPS video XR platform 8 k 360 degrees, can be implemented in streaming media and local realistic visual effects. Described in developing custom chip designed for AR display platform, waiting time can help reduce the overall system, thus ensuring immersive AR experience. 2. Interactive use of XR, users can virtually transferred to the new environment. In order to efficient accurately perform the operation, Xiao dragon XR2 platform brought to seven concurrent camera and vision processor support custom calculation. Multiple concurrent camera can real-time, high precision in tracking the head, lips and eyes, and with 26 points skeletal hand tracking. Computer vision is to provide efficient scene understanding and 3 d reconstruction. This allows the user can transmit into the digital world and real intuitive interaction. 3. Audio in augmented reality or virtual world, the voice is the key of the immersive experience. Xiao dragon XR2 platform in abundance of 3 d spatial sound for the next level of audio, at the same time provides a clear voice interaction to deepen. The platform contains continue to run low-power QualcommHexagon DSP, can support such as voice activation and scenario testing hardware acceleration, thereby helping to immersed in the digital world users are still able to perceive the real world. 4. AI and 5 g shape the future of communication and computing two technologies including AI and 5 g. Qualcomm has been trying to guide described the development of technology in the field of mobile computing, and they use the AI optimization Xiao dragon XR2 multiple functions, including visual, audio and interaction, to help users immersed in a more intelligent in reality. Xiao dragon XR2 platform is supported by the world's first 5 g connection XR platform, and is likely to bring release XR experience waves of innovation, which require low latency and high speed. 5 g, for example, can be on the edge of the equipment and allocate processing between cloud, so as to realize the real wireless XR. No cables, no restrictions on any special room, you can immediately enjoy the realistic experience and high quality. It is important to note that a new Xiao dragon 7 c, Xiao Xiao released the dragon of dragon 8 c and cx for entry-level, mainstream and the top eight laptop computers provide high-speed cellular connection. Based on the product mix, terminal manufacturers can for the general consumers make different price segment oriented always online, always connected PC products.
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