Punch | Asia amusement and attractions expo 2020 on the first day, VR show people mountain people sea!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Parks and attractions expo annual Asia today the official start of the first VR, this is the year brigade, parks and attractions industry exhibition exhibition on the first day of VR simulator manufacturer booth packed much new product display innovation strength several new collocation coldplay tide company introduces VR simulator manufacturer is a focus on VR technology development, VR content customization, VR equipment production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise. More than 3500 vr join case experience pavilion, all over the world more than 50 countries on five continents. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 30 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. Match this exhibition theme of new product new open a shop is more favorable 01 / flight cinemas, double double 360 ° rotating motion VR seat is science and technology museum, sports hall is very popular for a double experience multiple guarantee product safety + immersive gaming experience buddy double side by side hand in hand together happy happy experience of VR 02 / new star trek more than six degrees of freedom of three-dimensional dynamic cinema six large equipment use inline first professional experience flight game control rocker making is VR experience pavilion, theme parks, scenic spots crowded places such as takatsubo effect of product 03 / guest corps pro unattended VR self-help arcade enjoyed guest corps comprehensive upgrade has 55 inch screen automatic lifting, 4 k hd helmet is keep the rich variety of game content and strengthen the function of multiple self-help USES more widely 05 / time machine 2. 0 new special comprehensive upgrade omni-directional motion platform experience VR virtual world space vibration, tong, such as on the simulation of the sweep the leg, blowing effects bring you unprecedented audio-visual feast! Multiple experiences more than hundred exclusive game content, everything! 6 / VR discovery of VR text brigade project holographic projection equipment for indoor illusory fusion interstellar, deep sea, fantasy, dinosaur theme adventure more people play with ping high efficiency single biggest hold 9 people play with more better products not introduce exhibition one and two days, welcome to experience the VR simulator manufacturer show 【 9. 1 # hall 2 c102 】 We be there or be square
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