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by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
Please find another big Bob VR games will be updated in this year's summer vacation season 01, stimulation of the VR zombies game 'journey to the living in the dark you spooky in the subway. A large group of zombies coming towards you. For the sake of your life, kill them all, and then escape from the world of terror. Remember to understanding of the features of weapons, and use them well, to prove your survival skills, until the end. 02, interactive VR ornamental game 'deadly waters' fatal waters of the story takes place in the near future, players play a undersea explorer, will pull the company hire, into the Pacific Ocean, looking for the sleeping ocean rough stone in the ruins of Atlantis. In the process of the game, players can enjoy the beautiful sea scenery, manta rays, whales, of sardines etc a variety of Marine life. And in the process of gradually descend feelings deep darkness, and the peculiar deep-sea creatures, finally see huge ancient architectural complex in the bottom of the sea. Game using the platform of multiple spindle rotation simulate the movement of the submarine for players, as it were, in combination with the game plot shooting events can bring more exciting and more into the game experience. 03, VR games of science classes, 'the invasion of opposite sex' the product is single simulation riding mecha and the earth's alien invasion of alien battle as the background of the game. Game players will play a brave the savior, in the end of the defeat the invaders to defend the earth mission. Game players not only need to fighting huge amounts of abnormity, on the way to watch out for flying in the sky using needle alien insect attack, finally arrived in alien nest experience difficulties, overcome huge formidable alien leader, guarding our planet. 04, exploration of VR games 'ghost castle' the product is single simulation riding mecha, enter into the background of the castle adventure game. Game players will play a brave explorer, go to the ghost castle for interesting adventures. The game is on the way there will be a prick ghost to guide the player to go forward, players need to eliminate the hordes of bats, agile cunning ghouls, fatness hard fatty zombies, bizarre sensitive vendetta, finally reached the finishing line down with intrepid evil spirits, seize the hidden inside the devil prick the ghost for the mystery of the awards. 05, the dinosaur tour ', 'DinoTrek' take you back to the distant past, immersed in the lush landscape of VR dinosaurs, test your knowledge of the dinosaurs, see if you can identify all the different types! Found these prehistoric creatures sometimes hostile way of life. 6, 'the hero spider-man: expedition' four players can choose in the game has appeared in the movie spider-man suit, in addition to the swings between building roaming, fight the enemy to the machine can also use a spider web. Flying high in the sky of the play in a VR environment, acrophobia can also safe for user experience. The above game will update in the regiment, enjoyed the guest corps pro, time machine 2. 0, star trek, the door of space-time device stay tuned mass content in VR housekeeper in VR simulator manufacturer to build virtual reality offline entertainment platform: VR butler, consumption has more than 30 million people, over six hundred models of current content platform, cumulative service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B.
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