Pico Neo 2 March 25, 6 dof VR machine start formal sale

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
Due to the effect of the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, scheduled for February 12 at Pico Neo 2 6 DOF VR all-in-one product launch has been cancelled, this makes many VR lovers inevitably a bit disappointed. Just for today, the company released Pico Neo 2 posters, posters, said Pico Neo 2 in jingdong, on March 16 Tmall Pico official flagship store open reservation, on March 25, formal sale, when booking user has the opportunity to win '1 cent enjoy rights and interests of thousands of heads of state to send' favourable activity. Pico Neo 2 is Pico's flagship 2020 VR all-in-one, a comprehensive upgrade hardware configuration, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 845 mobile VR platform, equipped with 4 k Fast - LCD display, with 75 hz refresh rate and 101 ° view, the rear 4500 mah battery. Storage provides 4 gb of RAM and 128 gb of storage space ( The highest support 256 gb SD card) 。 6 dof VR all-in-one Pico Neo 2 main VR gaming experience, do not need to connect the computer, to open the game experience. Compared with the Neo 1, Neo 2 performance improved by 30%, power consumption reduced by 20%. Neo in 6 dof head and 2 dof controller location tracking precision, time delay, stability, etc, to do a lot of optimization, using electromagnetic positioning technology also supports 360 ° full space range tracking controller. Thanks to positioning tracking technology outside introversion, Pico Neo 2 can bring you precise and stable move freely gameplay experience, whether it is new, or avoiding obstacles, can move freely. Across new tracking technology of six degrees of freedom controller, players can experience vivid accurate in VR any shooting, chopping, throwing, grab. According to Pico, at the end of march, is expected to have 15 20 high-quality goods game login Pico Neo 2. In addition, Pico a commitment is actively adopt the more 6 dof VR game content, behind a month is expected to 4 ~ 6 new game hit the shelves. At the same time, the Neo 2 also support wireless streaming PC VR content, through the technology can use Neo 2 chang SteamVR games. We have learned, Pico also actively communicate with worldwide developers, in addition to The above mentioned three Game, 'The Cooking Game VR', The word Bait! ', 'the Button Bombers', 'the Epic Roller Coasters', the Ninja Legend 'VR games such as landing synchronously, believe that there will be more games coming ashore Neo 2. From ZEALER experience at the booth 2 hours, Neo 2 this product is currently with the Oculus Quest to experience the most similar products. Pico relies on many years of technology accumulation in the world constantly get awards, also confirm the Pico international VR industry leading position, and chasing Oculus world giant determination.
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