Parents must let bear children know the VR fire safety knowledge

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

independent research and development of VR fire safety education course

enter the alarm scenarios welcome to fire alarm simulation center, here we are going to restore the whole process of fire alarm. Carefully watch the video image information, and through telephone alarm.

a fire danger, click on the telephone dial-up interface, such as, in turn, dialing the right number 119: hello! This is the fire alarm center, where there is a fire, according to voice + text prompt, choosing the right is alarm option. Learn how to enjoy it in the correct dial the fire alarm telephone number, how to correctly express the content of the required, answer the phone for fire quickly to understand the scene of the fire situation, leading to more effective for fire to carry out the key fire rescue action.

small fire simulation scenario

enter the fire scene, came to a small fire simulation center, here we will learn about life in all kinds of emergency treatment for fire situation. When found that different objects on fire can make use of the correct fire extinguishing tools, effective to prevent the spread of the small fire, reasonable to prevent fire occurred.

fire props simulations

enter the props, to fire props exhibition center, here we mainly to understand the life of commonly used three kinds of fire extinguishing properties: fire extinguisher, water, sand, and use them through the fire demonstration. When there is a fire, how to correctly use of fire fighting tools to put out the fire, and effective to prevent the spread of the small fire, reasonable to prevent fire occurred.

the school fire escape simulation scenario

school survival mode, the experience is, will play the men trapped personnel exists, the concept of health, out of the fire and blood within the given time above 0 is successful to escape. Scenario, there are a lot of dangerous areas, these dangerous areas need to users through their observation to discover. If accidentally broke into the danger zone will cause blood drops rapidly.

in the game pattern make people perception experience, how to calm the correct choose escape when fire way, will not cause secondary damage in the scene of the fire, effective and reasonable managed to escape from the site, and to ensure the safety of your own life.

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